elaine / Jul 01

4 Important Tips to Know for the Plastic-Free July Challenge

elaine / Jul 01

It’s officially Plastic-Free July! This month we’ll be posting a new challenge daily on our Instagram Stories @livelarq. Don’t forget to follow along for daily challenge reminders! If you haven’t yet, read more about the Plastic-Free July for a free downloadable PDF of the challenge!

Here are some tips & tricks for success this month:

  1. Don’t psych yourself out! As a society, we’ve become so dependent on single-use plastic that it’s difficult to adjust or eliminate single-use plastic in all aspects of our lives. The purpose of the challenge is to become more mindful of what you’re purchasing and using most frequently.

    For example, for some people, buying cases of single-use bottled water is a norm. But we want you to ask yourself two questions: How can you challenge yourself to eliminate the single-use plastic in your life? What are some more sustainable alternatives? When you become more aware, you will make more mindful decisions rather than subconsciously opting for the single-use option every time. 
  2. If you absolutely can’t eliminate something, don’t worry. There are likely other single-use plastics in your life that you can focus on that would still make a huge difference. Don’t let it keep you from continuing on the challenge! 
  3. Use what you have left, but next time you do need to repurchase something like plastic wrap, look for more sustainable alternatives like silicone food covers, beeswax paper, or placing the leftovers in tupperware. You can also reserve what you have for situations where you really can’t use a substitute (like for sanitary or health reasons).
  4. Always pack your reusables when you’re going out. Here’s a checklist:
Reusable essentials for on-the-go
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Want more tips & tricks? We’re on TikTok! Throughout the month of July, we’ll be sharing more tips & tricks on how to kick that plastic habit. Plus, we’ll highlight some nifty reusable options you may not have heard of before. Tune in to the #LARQPlasticFreeChallenge at @livelarq on TikTok and Instagram!