elaine / May 19

Is there drinking water in Yellowstone National Park?

elaine / May 19

Yes! There are plenty of drinking water refilling stations throughout the park. You will find them primarily located in the general stores and visitor centers, specifically in Canyon Village, Fishing Bridge, Mammoth, Old Faithful, and Tower. For a day hike, bring at least 2 liters of water per person, and even a bit more if you’re planning to go in the summer. 

These refilling stations make it easy to stay hydrated while keeping Mother Nature clean. The last thing you want to do is to bring single-use plastic bottled water and pollute the Earth further. It’s also better to carry your own reusable water bottle since water refilling stations are so abundant. 

Like most tap water around the world, there still may be trace amounts of contaminants such as lead, HAA5, PFAS, and more that make it through the tap. If you’re particularly picky about the taste and mouth-feel of water, the LARQ Bottle Filtered is a great solution. This water filter bottle removes chlorine, lead, HAA5, PFAS, and even DEET from the water as you drink through the straw. You can pair it with UV purification with the PureVis Cap as well for protection against bio-contaminants like E. Coli.

Since Yellowstone National Park is made up of 5% water, you will also be able to refill from running streams and rivers if you come across them with the right water filtration and purification tools at hand.

How to purify water on hikes 

The rivers and lakes serve the abundant wildlife that dwell in the park. As a result, animals will do everything imaginable in that water, so it’s best to protect yourself. To treat water and avoid waterborne illness, it’s best to purify first with a UV water purification system like the PureVis cap by double-clicking for a 3-minute Adventure Mode cycle, then swapping the cap for the filtration cap to filter our particulates as you drink.

Here’s a breakdown of water purification in a pinch:

  1. Fill from a running water source like rivers, streams or waterfalls (never from still water like ponds or lakes!) Still water is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms that could cause illness.
  2. Purify – To purify or remove any waterborne contaminants and microorganisms, boil water for at least 1-3 minutes with a portable stove or fire. You can also opt to treat with a mercury-free UV-C tool like the PureVis Cap from LARQ using their “Adventure Mode”. 
  3. Filter – Filtration is key when it comes to drinking water. The Filtered Cap removes unwanted, harmful contaminants like lead, HAA5, PFAS, mercury, and more. After purifying with the PureVis Cap, you can swap for the LARQ Filtered cap to remove contaminants as you drink.