elaine / Jun 22

Always Stay Hydrated On Vacation With LARQ

elaine / Jun 22

We can proudly say that LARQ Bottles have been revered by publications and happy customers alike to be their favorite reusable water bottles to travel with. Fun fact, humans are made of almost 60% water, so it’s no wonder why we depend on it to survive! We’re lucky now more than ever to have so many options for drinking water while traveling, but one habit we should surely ditch is buying bottled water. 

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re one of those eco-minded water snobs we want to be friends with. You probably care more about the Earth than your average Joe—at least enough to either already own a LARQ product, or looking to purchase one in the future. Wherever you are on your sustainable hydration journey, you’ve come to the right place. 

PureVis™ versus Nano Zero

Before we dive into the how-to’s it’ll be good to cover our two key technologies that LARQ is known for—PureVis™ and Nano Zero. 

PureVis™ technology leverages UV-C LED to eradicate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses such as E.coli (in Adventure Mode). The LARQ Bottle PureVis™ was our first product ever and also known as the “World’s First Self-cleaning Water Bottle” for its ability to stay fresh (never smelly) even after days or weeks without washing.

Nano Zero is our filtration technology that our engineers developed to combat harmful contaminants that are commonly found in our tap water around the world. These include lead, heavy metals, chlorine, PFAS/PFOA, microplastics, and more! Removing these contaminants results in healthier, tastier water. You can enjoy Nano Zero filtered water with our LARQ Bottle Filtered or the LARQ Pitcher PureVis™

Depending where you refill your water, you might prefer one over the other. However, the best way to travel is with both! After all, why choose when the LARQ caps are interchangeable?

How to use PureVis™ and Filtered caps for travel 

  1. Be sure to check the water quality at your destination. Water quality may vary all over the world, so it’s important to do your research in order to choose the right purification tools for your trip. If traveling within the United States, head over to EWG to check water quality by zip code. It’s also important to research if there are any bio-contaminants known in the area. Countries that have bottled water-only advisories should override any potential purification techniques to avoid any waterborne illness—especially for those with sensitive stomachs. 
  2. Choose your LARQ. If purified water dispensers are provided at your stay, you might only need to use the LARQ Bottle PureVis™ to combat germs. If the tap water at your destination contains heavy metals, or runs from old pipes (older than the 1980s) then you may want to look out for lead, and use the LARQ Bottle Filtered throughout your trip. 
  3. Get both! You can also choose to have both PureVis™ and Filtered caps accompany you on your trip to cover all your bases!

    Our favorite way to drink water while traveling is first filling up your bottle from a potable tap water source like your hotel sink or drinking water fountain. Then twist on the PureVis™ cap and click the button to purify (double-click for Adventure Mode!).

    After the cleaning cycle is complete, swap it out for the Filtered cap which will remove contaminants as you sip through the low-pressure filter straw. Enjoy! 

With most bottles, you might notice a nasty smell that develops even after just a couple days of use, which can maybe even make you want to ditch it altogether and opt for single-use plastic bottled water in the end anyway. The PureVis™ Cap is a great solution to this annoying problem. It activates every 2 hours to maintain the cleanliness of the bottle and your water inside. Great for longer trips! The battery even lasts up to 1 month on a full charge! 

Some tap water can be full of heavy metals or heavily treated with chlorine (to deter bacteria growth) which can negatively affect its taste. Luckily, the Filtered Cap can remove contaminants like lead, heavy metals, chlorine, microplastics, and more that can otherwise enter your system. With the LARQ Bottle Filtered, you don’t have to choose between bad-tasting water or dehydration because you’ll have the peace of mind of pure water. 

The last thing you’ll want to worry about is your water source, but treating yourself to a LARQ experience helps you hydrate virtually anywhere without skipping a beat—or opting for plastic water bottles. Now, we’ll drink to that.