elaine / Nov 27

Sip Sustainably and Spark Change this Giving Tuesday

elaine / Nov 27

Here at LARQ, we’re on a mission to redefine hydration, one sip at a time. We’ve crafted innovative products that not only keep you refreshed but also bid farewell to plastic bottles.

As we gear up for the holiday season, we’re turning our attention to Giving Tuesday, a day close to our hearts. We believe in giving back, not just to our customers but to the planet we all call home.

Our Mission: Hydrate Sustainably, Drink Brilliantly, Live LARQ.

LARQ was born from the idea that staying hydrated should be as good for the planet as it is for you. Our products are more than just sleek and stylish; they’re a statement—a rebellion against the plastic epidemic. Say goodbye to disposable bottles and hello to a sustainable hydration revolution.

Empowering Giving Tuesday: Charting a Course for Oceanic Renewal

This Giving Tuesday, our commitment to sustainable hydration extends beyond the rim of a water bottle. In collaboration with esteemed environmental guardians Oceana and philanthropic pioneers Well Aware, we embark on a profound journey against the scourge of ocean-bound plastic.

Plastic-free Renaissance

In alliance with Oceana, a vanguard in the battle to rejuvenate our oceans, we have contributed substantially to multifaceted initiatives. The Oceana mission encapsulates the restoration of marine ecosystems imperiled by overfishing, pollution, and the relentless influx of single-use plastic into our waters. This year’s triumphs with Oceana include:

Oceana’s unwavering dedication transcends these triumphs, as it continually spearheads global campaigns and policy initiatives to usher in a sustainable future for our planet.

Oceana’s Call for Refillables

In a concerted effort for positive change, we proudly stand alongside Oceana in championing the need for refillables. This campaign advocates for the world’s largest beverage companies to transition towards refillable options, transcending the era of single-use plastics. Imagine your favorite beverages in glass bottles, conveniently returned to local stores—an age-old practice embraced by countries worldwide. Together, let’s propel the global shift towards a norm where sustainability reigns supreme.

Well Aware’s Sustainable Water Access

In a notable revelation this Giving Tuesday, we are delighted to disclose our sponsorship of two imminent initiatives in collaboration with Well Aware—a philanthropic enterprise singularly devoted to bringing accessible drinking water solutions to underserved communities. These undertakings specifically target the establishment of sustainable water access points for a populace exceeding 4,300 individuals, encompassing 900 schoolchildren from Mathiani Primary School and Mutune Primary Girls School.

Pioneering Progress in Water Accessibility

Well Aware, driven by a resolute commitment to improve access to potable water, channels its efforts towards the implementation of fresh water well systems in communities beleaguered by the absence of safe drinking water. In locales where the onus of water retrieval disproportionately falls upon women and girls, who traverse considerable distances to collect water from often-contaminated sources, the significance of sustainable, clean drinking water emerges as paramount.

The provision of clean water, a fundamental tenet of Well Aware’s mission, yields success:

In partnership with Well Aware, we can see the lives of the communities change for the better, inspiring a brighter future.

Things you can do this Giving Tuesday

Make a Splash with LARQ

Treat yourself or someone you love to a LARQ product on Giving Tuesday. Every purchase contributes to our mission to reduce plastic waste and provide clean water solutions for communities in need! It’s an easy way for you to make a difference by supporting all the amazing work Oceana and Well Aware are working on throughout the year while enjoying brilliant hydration yourself.  

Share the Love

Spread the word and give these causes the recognition they deserve. You can inspire change by talking to your loved ones about causes you’re passionate about, whether that’s ocean conservation, ending plastic pollution, or access to clean drinking water. 

Donate to Oceana

Donate to Well Aware

Double the Impact

Feeling extra generous? Make a direct donation to Oceana and Well Aware, and watch as your generosity ripples across the globe.

Let’s not just sip, but make a splash this Giving Tuesday. Together, we can turn the tide against plastic pollution and quench the world’s thirst for change. Follow along @livelarq on Instagram and TikTok for more! 

Cheers to a hydrated and giving holiday season!